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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Of Tattoos and Commitment

So, in the last few Sundays, our church has had a segment in the beginning about bad tattoo stories, and we learned of a few people who have some really bad tattoos.  I thought it was funny when my sister-in-law said that she would take me to one of her "guys" to get one on Saturday night.  (Now keep in mind that I have wanted one for a couple of years now).

  We went into Kustom Culture Tattoo in Tallmadge (just outside of Akron, and a very weird place with hand chairs and a coffin couch, but some really nice, awesome people working there).  I asked for a Cross that had the shape of a fluer de lis on each end and a circle around the middle to make it a mish mosh of gothic, celtic and medieval symbols (all signifying Christ to me) and the tattoo artist free handed my design.

First I got an ink print on my skin to trace.

A couple of parts were painful, but nothing compared to some of the pain Mel has had to endure.

I couldn't be happier with the finished product.  I know, I still can't believe I did it either, but I want maybe one or two more.  You'll have to keep reading our blog to see what I want in the future.  Coram Deo

 The red isn't ink, just blood under the skin.  The tattoo was done all in black.
- Papa E 


Cecily said...

Wow! Looks really cool....What an awesome symbol, also. Thanks for blogging about it.

Tudor Rose said...

I love that you blogged about it, and it looks great! Of course, now this makes me want to get another one even more :-)