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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday Night Lights

One of my favorite things about fall is going to high school football games.  In 8th grade, it was the thing to do in the town where I grew up.  In high school, I never missed a game-- home or away-- thanks to being in our sweet marching band (seriously, click on the links...yes, they've performed halftime shows at NFL games and yes, they do often invite other 300 piece bands to come play with them for a total of 600 marchers on the field).

Throughout college I managed to make to a few games when I'd be home for visits on weekends.  And throughout my teaching career I think I've made it to at least one of my alma mater's games and one game in the district where I teach each year.  In fact, Cate's first football game, was a Mason game last year.  So last night, in search of some free entertainment, we headed up to Mason for the first home game of the year.

Though she was bored at the beginning (we got there early, thinking the game started at 7 when it really started at 7:30), once the action started, she sat in those stands watching intensely (the first picture is from the cell phone, because I'd already put my zoom lens on the camera and didn't want to take it off again).
She danced and clapped along with the band.
And she cheered when the players came out. 
She posed for a picture with Daddy-- one of the only times she took her eyes off the field.
And got really excited when we tied it up in the first quarter. 
She also enjoyed an ice cream with Daddy and waved "hi" to several former and current students.  In fact, she loved one current student so much, she jumped right in her arms.  Being a typical 8th grade girl, of course my student LOVED holding a baby for a bit.  :-)  Cate blew her kisses when we left at half time.  I took this shot from the parking lot.  
The moon was just so full and beautiful.  I'm having fun learning how to take lower light shots without a flash, but it definitely requires a tripod since your shutter is open for so long.  I didn't have my tripod, so the moon is a bit blurry, but you get the idea.  
We all enjoyed the game and are hoping to get to at least one more this fall-- especially since we now know that Cate will sit through a half.  Cate also added a new word to her vocabulary last night-- "football."  That's my girl!
~Melody :-)


Anonymous said...

Saw you were from Cincy over at BF, I'm in Fairfield.

Tudor Rose said...

Aw, this brought back so many lovely memories of HHS games! (I posted a video of the band on my blog awhile ago, too :-))Before I moved to Kentucky, one of the last things I did was go to one of their home games. It was so weird being back. I felt so old!

Anonymous said...

You all look so great in your Mason green!