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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Park Pictures

In my working mom manifesto post (which again, was totally not a slam on stay-at-home moms...just my way of saying I couldn't do it...don't have the personality or the patience), I mentioned enjoying my last day of summer vacation at the Lunken Playfield park with my awesome sister-in-law and a couple of women from our small group. 

I left my camera at home so as to enjoy my last day of summer break without looking through the lens of the camera.  Plus, my awesome sister-in-law took a ton of pictures.  So as promised, here are a few pictures from the park (thanks Kristin). 
It's still so crazy to think that my baby, who couldn't even crawl this time last year, goes up and down the slides all by herself...even the tunnel one (as long as she can see the light at the bottom...the big tunnel slides where you can't see the light freak her out).  
~Melody :-)

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