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Friday, September 18, 2009

When Daddy's Away...

...the Riggs girls wear themselves out!  And he's only gone for one night!

Cate played hard at the sitter today and took an early nap (before lunch).  Mommy had fall field day at school.  Then we came home and kicked around a ball that's half Cate's size.

Which was followed by the discovery that sidewalk chalk (at least the good Crayola kind) marks on your feet too!

 After a walk around the block and a quick trip to Target (during which Mommy once again indulged Cate's Elmo fascination by getting her an Elmo board book about colors from the dollar bin), we came home, took a bath, and read one of our latest discoveries.

Babybug Magazine is geared towards toddlers.   Since I think we've checked out just about every board book at our local branch of the library, I picked up a few of these issues more out of curiosity than anything last time we were there.  It has a lot of bright illustrations and is full of simple stories and rhymes.  The pages are thick and glossy (read "waterproof-ish" and "hard to tear").  I think we may be getting Cate a little subscription soon.  It will be fun for her to get some mail.

We spent the rest of the evening before bedtime, reading, I mean, stacking books.

Cate loves to stack things.  Blocks, toys, books, you name it, she'll try to find a way to stack it.  It's been so cool to watch her fine motor skills improve.  She's getting the hang of putting bigger books on the bottom of her stacks and leaving the smaller ones for the top.  We also watched a little bit of an Elmo DVD (It's Not Easy Being Green has Paul Rudd in it and teaches kids about environmentalism...although Tina Fey in Elmo and The Bookaneers is probably still my favorite that we've checked out).  So that's what Cate is looking at in the above picture.

And now?  Now, we're both worn out.  Cate has been snoring in bed for 45 minutes and I think I'm going to be right behind her. 

Daddy is in Dayton for the night with a team of Team in Training participants who will be running the Air Force Marathon tomorrow.  Good luck and go team!  Run fast so Daddy can get home quicker!

~Melody :-)


Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

How on EARTH did you find the time to get all that done *after* work? You're a super-mommy!

The Riggs Family said...

School lets out at 2:15, I can leave at 2:35, and I'm usually at the sitter's house by 3 to get Cate. It also helps that Target is about a mile from our house. :-) Not super-mommy- strategic mommy.