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Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome to the Weekend

A weekend full of some humidity after rain storms earlier this week.
I love that after the rain storms I can take pictures like this.  I think this is the first time I successfully photographed a rainbow.  And from my front porch no less.  
And even though it's humid outside this weekend, this little girl is already practicing for cooler weather. 
These cute snow boots-- which light up by the way-- are hand-me-downs from my awesome small group friend (who pretty much outfitted Cate for the winter with her girls' old clothes--which somehow she managed to keep looking amazingly new).  Cate wore them around all afternoon (the dress was a hand-me-down too). 
Our new obsession going into the weekend?  Elmo.  Cate has been paying a little bit more attention to Sesame Street and has developed an attachment to Elmo.  I guess if you're going to pick an obsession, he's a good one to have.  I've heard there are some annoying characters out there that kids love.  
I also think that Target must have a sixth Riggs sense.  This cute Elmo bucket (which Cate uses to store her buckeyes and other outdoor treasures that she wants to bring inside) was a dollar bin deal.  And when she was (well she still is) into dinosaurs? Yup, dollar bin dinos abounded!
Welcome to the weekend...where rainbows, snow boots, and Elmo are starting the weekend here off right!
~Melody :-)

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