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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Mommy Sticker

So the one thing I didn't really like as a kid and that I still don't like as a teacher is school picture day.  My hair just never seems to cooperate or I have a random acne breakout or I totally forget and look, well, not great. 

And as a teacher, I now get a whole packet of school pictures...complimentary of course.  These are great to put in picture frames when giving as gifts.  And sometimes I write on the backs of them and give them to my other teacher friends as a joke.

This year though, I not only got a packet of pictures, but I also got four stickers of my beautiful self!  Yup, stickers.  Good thing Cate has recently discovered the joy of stickers (after getting a couple of them at her doctor's appointment on Monday).

She proudly wore her mommy sticker.  And she tried to put it on her boo-boo since band-aids are also known as stickers right now.

Even her baby doll got a chance to wear mommy.

And to think that we still have three more.  I'm still not sure where this first one ended up...so my face is stuck somewhere to something in this house.  Thank goodness it was a decent picture this year.

~Melody :-)


The Palmer Family Blog said...

Love the post! I used my first sticker along with a dialogue bubble to get Nate to do a chore, but I'm sure Tessa would love to wear mommy too!

Anonymous said...

That is hysterical! We loved seeing you and Cate (and Catherine!) and the football game on Friday.

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

Too funny! Cate looks super proud to be "wearing" her mommy!