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Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend in Review

This little girl turned 19 months old on Saturday:
I'd love to tell you what we're up to weight and height wise, but her 18 month checkup (which was supposed to be last week, got rescheduled for two weeks from now).  So it's going to be more like a 20 month checkup.  Good thing there are no vaccines at 18 months.  
Saturday was a pretty lazy day for us.  Eric went to watch a Pay-Per-View UFC fight with some guys from our small group and from our church.  After Cate went to bed (a battle in itself...I think she missed her daddy or something, because bedtime is normally not a fight for us), I indulged with this: 
A souvenir from our trip to California that I've been waiting to use.  It's a bath fizzer from Sumbody, a company that makes all natural, organic skin care products.  I thoroughly enjoyed it with a cold glass of sweet tea and Julie and Julia, my book club's selection for the month. 

Sunday brought a cookout with family and the infamous Cincinnati WEBN fireworks.  Clicking on the link will show you a clip of a previous year's show.  You haven't seen fireworks until you've seen these.  It's a 30ish minute show set to music and is just plain awesome.  We didn't go all the way down to Riverfest because we weren't feeling up to the crowd of 500,000 people.  But we still had a decent view from Eden Park.  I played around with my camera. 
All of my pictures looked different because I was playing around with both my aperture and shutter speed.  They're not great, but I had fun experimenting.  
Today brought a small group service project followed by a cookout.  I left the camera at home and ate way too much.  
Happy Labor Day!  
~Melody :-)
P.S.  Reason number 1, 453,789,420 that my husband rocks: This weekend I sent him to the Verizon store because my phone kept freezing.  I'm not eligible for an upgrade until July, but was hoping they'd fix it or give me a replacement since it was still under warranty.  Somehow Eric sweet-talked them into this:
Maybe it was because he had Cate with him.  A cute kid always helps.  Either way, I'm lovin' my new Blackberry (but am still getting used to it, so if I don't respond to your text or accidentally hang up on you, I apologize in advance).  

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