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Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

 It's confession time bloggers!  Read more over at MckMama's blog

This weekend I did NOT have to make a new bag, because my old one had a hole in it.  Here's the new one below.

The hole did NOT come about as a result of my inability to pick a sturdy enough fabric for the first one.  This fabric was NOT so sturdy that I did NOT break two needles in the process of sewing the strap on.   I did NOT modify some of the original directions to better suit my sewing skills.  I do NOT think this bag turned out even more fabulous than the first.

After reading this book last night:

I did NOT walk in on Eric and Cate having their own little dance party to real Charlie Parker music (our iTunes has a bunch of variety, which is what happens when your husband is a music-lover and was a music major in college).

It was NOT the cutest thing ever!

I have also NOT become addicted to Top Chef on Bravo thanks to my team of teachers at school who (at least half of them) watch it.  I do NOT have time to watch TV.

I know, my confessions were pretty weak this week.  Spice it up by playing along.  :-)

~Melody :-)

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