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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Color With Me Poppy!

Earlier this summer I blogged about how Cate loves to color.  The Tadoodles markers have been a hit along with sidewalk chalk at our house.  Cate's also been really into the Color Wonder markers.  I first got some for her when she had that nasty double ear infection, eye infection, etc. back at the end of July.  She loves testing the limits of what she can color on (which is fine when it's sidewalk chalk outside and she colors on the patio furniture, the deck, her feet, etc., but not fine when we're inside), so these are perfect for indoors since they only color on the special paper. 

I picked up another, slightly larger, Color Wonder book with a few more markers yesterday.  My parents and brother came down for an impromptu visit yesterday, so the new markers kept Cate and her Poppy (my dad) entertained while we waited for Gigi (my grandma) to finish making dinner for all of us.

It's been about 20 or so years since my dad last colored pictures with me.  He clearly hasn't lost his touch.  I was just glad I had my phone with me to capture the moment.

~Melody :-) 

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