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Thursday, June 21, 2012


I've learned a lot in the nearly five years I've been blogging (holy cow, that's a long time). And I've been contemplating a lot of things in the last several months. All of those things I've been contemplating have led to this: we are moving.

Not into a new house, but into a new home in the blogging world. From now on, you'll find me blogging as One Ordinary Mom at

I hope you'll make the move with us, follow us, put us in your RSS feed. This blog we'll stay up for at least the next couple of months. I'm in the very long, slow, yet enjoyable process of collecting my favorite writings and musings from the last year and putting them into book format. I want to have a record of what I've written here in this space. 

And if you're wondering why we're moving, here are a few of the reasons, most of them dealing with privacy: 
  • I teach middle school. Middle school students are sometimes weird and like to Google their teachers. This blog is connected to both my first and last name meaning that it usually comes up in a Google search. The new blog isn't connected to either and even has a separate email address.
  • In going with the above, I also know that at some point in time, Cate and Brennan might decide to Google themselves. Nothing here will ever be hidden from them (hence the book), but a small part of me is slightly concerned about what their friends or bullies (hopefully we won't have to deal with this too much) might find. I've kept away from the mostly embarrassing and controversial, but still. 
  • None of my pictures here are watermarked. I've learned to watermark and want a fresh start on a new blog with watermarked pictures. I realize I write for a small audience, but I would hate for a stranger to stumble upon my blog and take a picture of mine to use for some negative purpose (like those Craigslist adoption scams you read about). I've mostly good faith in people, and this has never happened to me, that I know of, but I want to be careful. 
  • I attended an educational technology conference right before Cate turned one. At it, I learned that even once a site is taken down, it's cached pages are sometimes kept on record for 5-7 years. While difficult for the average person to track down, they are still there. So I figure that if this blog stays cached in some deep Internet record-keeping place for 7 years, Cate will be 11.5 by the time they disappear for good and in the meantime, they would be hard for anyone to access unless they really, really wanted to (well, once I finish my bloggy book and retire this blog for good).
It's a personal choice and one that Eric and I have discussed at length. I'm not going to flatter myself and pretend that I'm some blogging celebrity that needs to protect her identity. It really boils down to future preservation and changing our small internet identity. I'm very loosely toying around with going back to school for a PhD and Eric may end up back in school for a totally new degree at some point too. Also, he'll be going back into the full-time work force at a yet-to-be-determined date. And again, while nothing on here is embarrassing or controversial, it still is very much tied to our names. Prospective higher education programs or future employers don't need a silly (but meaningful to us) blog showing up should they Google us.

So we're moving, but we'll be blogging as usual, just under a more protected identity. Eric will be blogging as One Ordinary Dad, while I'm One Ordinary Mom and our kids are now just C and B. We're still tweaking the new site, so be patient. But please, if you feel so inclined, update your blog rolls and continue to read. We're looking forward to this leap. And thank you for a great almost five years in this space.

~Melody :-)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Priceless Disney Smiles!

Our Disney trip was amazing! I really have no words. Just 400 and some photographs + the 127 the Disney Photopass photographers took (and we're suckers and are going to go ahead and order the CD with all of the high-resolution images). My summer project is officially making a book of our trip. It really may take me all summer. This picture below is my favorite non-kid picture that I took. :-)
All I can say for now is that Cate was at the absolute perfect age to go. Everything was real and magical for her. And while Brennan won't remember much, we'll have plenty of pictures. Plus, we're already planning a trip in two years with my parents, so he'll be at that magical age then. Aren't my two Mouseketeers cute?
We ate a lot of food (I highly recommend the Disney Dining Plan if you're going anytime in the future), met a bunch of characters (I recommend meeting as many as you can in parks other than the Magic Kingdom as the lines are way shorter), collected and traded pins, rode rides, swam, and all-out exhausted ourselves.

My Keys to the Kingdom Tour (a birthday present from my parents) was amazing! Not only did I add more Disney trivia knowledge to the already nerdy database of Disney random-ness in my brain, but I got to go behind-the-scenes, under the Magic Kingdom, and see how they make the magic happen. I also got to be an honorary cast member.

We waited in line no longer than 20 minutes for any ride or character. Cate's favorite ride was the teacups. Brennan loved Pooh. Mommy loved Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios, and Daddy loved the safari in Animal Kingdom. We rolled into our driveway at 1:30 this morning, with our eyes barely open, but still gleaming with that Disney magic. Cate has played with her Rapunzel and Beauty and the Beast playsets (what she spent her gift card on) all day and is now sound asleep with her stuffed Lady dog (she LOVES that classic movie). Brennan played with his Pixar pals and is now cuddled with Pooh. Mommy and Daddy unpacked, did laundry, and are now headed to bed.

Thank you, Mr. Disney, for a vision that led to the many wonderful memories we made this week.

 ~Melody :-)

P.S. I know an awesome Disney trip planner if you're looking to go. Her services are free and amazing!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer, So Far

Summer, so far, has consisted of fingerpainting.

This turned into body-painting for one little guy.

It has also consisted of a visit to our alma mater, Miami.

And the addition of a friend (Lisa is a keeper, Ryan).
We've grilled out, polished off a bottle of wine, visited the library, signed up for swim lessons, read outside on the porch, consumed a lot more coffee than normal, and slept in just a little later. And this is technically only full day #2 off of school. Not a bad start to summer, huh? What has your summer consisted of so far?

 ~Melody :-)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Winding Down

The school year is winding down-- five more school days with students and then a half day to tie up loose ends in my classroom, turn in my final grades, and say temporary goodbyes to my coworkers, most of whom I won't see until August. It has been a fun year and a trying year.

I started off fresh from an 8 month maternity leave only to have my immune system attacked by strep throat, a stomach virus, and the plain ol' flu, all within the span of two and a half weeks. All of that left me able to nurse and/or pump twice a day, and that sudden decrease threw me into a several weeks long hormonal hell. For pain relief at that time, I took a lot of NSAIDS, caused a small ulcer, healed that ulcer by just dealing with the pain and avoiding acidic food (including coffee, my love), and finally brought an end to all things digestive with the determination of an egg intolerance. While I can still enjoy eggs in baked goods and pasta recipes that use them, I can no longer eat omelets, Egg McMuffins, or my daily scrambled egg (what used to be my breakfast along with steel-cut oats each morning). Throw in a few days of jury duty on top of all the other things a teacher has to deal with, and yes, it does become a trying year.

Sidenote: I've been feeling GREAT since the ulcer healed and I cut eggs out of my diet more than two months ago.

But now? Now it is almost over. My students are wrapping up final projects, I've been spending a lot of evenings with Cate and Brennan outside walking and blowing bubbles and chalking up the sidewalk, and my summer reading list is ever expanding as I discover new titles daily (currently reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and am enjoying it). I also finally rejoined my profession's professional organization (NCTE) and am looking forward to some good reading from the journals I re-subscribed to (I let my membership lapse shortly after Cate was born).

We spent the holiday weekend at my parents' house. Actually, I headed to a small college town an hour away from my parents' town last Thursday and Friday for the Power of the Pen State Tournament. The team I co-coach placed fourth overall, we had a student place second in her grade level, and a writer from last year who is now a freshman win a $24,000 scholarship.

For the most part, we hung around Hudson, visited with family, and played outside.

The kids enjoyed cruising in my dad's convertible.

We rode the bike trail along the Erie Canal Towpath and took the train back to where we parked. The kids loved riding the train. Cate especially loved that there was a snack car.

We visited with some alpacas at my sister's friend's farm. Cate loved them, but Brennan wasn't too sure.

And of course, we took in the annual parade.

The countdown is on and this mama can't wait for summer vacation to get here. This past weekend brought a little taste of it and I'm ready for more.  Oh, and seeking book recommendations if you've got them.

~Melody :-)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where my dads at?!?

Hey there. Papa E here. So, I have to admit that I've been a bit uncomfortable, since the Hillary Rosen / Ann Romney war of words and resulting media debacle, about my own family's situation. In all the parenting/mommy wars, I see a total lack of the voices of the fathers. And frankly, it's a little disturbing.

As a husband, I have found extreme gratification in supporting my wife through her career, her dreams, her desires, and doing what I can to help during struggles. In fact, I find it to be something I've been called to do.

As a father, I have found great pleasure in being part of the big moments (birth, first foods, walking, riding bikes, going to preschool), and the mundane (changing diapers - I'm actually pretty good at the cloth ones - and giving baths - something else I'm pretty good at). And I have been on both sides of the parenting spectrum, first as a working father, and now as a stay at home dad.

I think we as men have missed a couple of important opportunities here. We haven't defended our wives (or ourselves for that matter) and we haven't stood up to try and end a battle as old as parenting itself.

First off, let's agree that if you are a married man and have children, your wife is a valuable asset whether she works or stays at home. Her opinions matter, her strengths compliment your weaknesses, and her heart is a treasure trove. Cherish it. Seriously; defend her in her womanhood and her motherhood, regardless of what others think.

Second, lets realize how important our role is as well. Fathers, you play a part that no other man can. Your influence on your children is huge, and will quite possibly shape how this argument looks for the next generation. Whether you are a working father or a stay at home father, you are an indispensable part of a team. And as a team member, you defend your teammates; you fight with them, you encourage them, you love them.

Third, let's back out of proselytizing those parents we don't agree with. Some of you mean well. You may feel that you are defending your faith, or even defending what you see as a biblical truth. However, keep in mind that proselytizing in general very rarely results in true life change. You may have every right to stand your ground for your own family's sake, and to raise your children in a manner you see fit, but please avoid the direct anonymous criticism. Your concern or love of your neighbor and consequent civil discussions with him speaks volumes above your threatening rhetoric or your bashing diatribes.

Lastly, let's remember that family dynamics are up to each individual family, and please respect that. No matter how wrong you think they are, your respect of their God-given worth will be the only way to affect change, if change is even necessary.

In my family, it made sense for my wife to stay in a job that she truly enjoyed and had the capability of earning much more than I could, and for me to stay at home with our kids. We both work hard. We both have an understanding of the world from within and outside the walls of our house. Our faith is intimate but informed. Our political leanings are both religious and flexible. Our family puts a big emphasis on love and respect, especially for those we don't agree with. And we focus on who we are, not on what we might "do for a living." If you love your kids and are productive citizens, I respect you. Please do the same for me.

(Sorry, I know you've probably seen this image dozens of times, but it bears repeating.)

- Papa E

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Big Reveal

We finally decided to tell Cate we're headed to Disney World soon. We didn't tell her when we first booked the trip because we knew we'd be asked nightly when we were going. On a rare Tuesday afternoon date, Eric and I headed up to the mall, to the Disney Store, to buy water bottles and light-up toys for the kids. We figured we would give them to Cate and Brennan when we told them we were going to go. As we were checking out, the cashier asked if we were buying them for Disney World. We told her yes and that we were actually planning to tell her that night. (Sidenote: Brennan has no clue what Disney World is, though he does like watching the episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that we've downloaded from iTunes...but he's free at the park and so I'm not trying to leave him out or anything, but this was a much bigger deal for Cate).

Anyway, the cashier proceeded to tell us, that if we wanted to bring Cate up to the store, we could tell her there. Apparently they do this a lot-- they put your kids' names on the screen, get the whole store's attention, and give you a special certificate (they will do this for any special occasion, not just going to Disney World). There are digital fireworks that go off throughout the store and special music plays.  She told us Saturdays were best because they have the most staff there. And we decided that would be perfect. They can do a little parade around the store, but we opted out of that.

To say Cate was surprised was an understatement. She was definitely surprised and a little overwhelmed. You should know that we don't have cable or satellite, so other than a few commercials she's caught on the rare nights when she's been up for prime time TV, she really doesn't "get" what Disney World is. We've been trying to give her a little more of an idea these last few days leading up to her surprise by downloading a free Disney Land (not the same, but gave her an idea of what it was) app for the iPad and watching a few commercials on YouTube. When we went to the mall, she was expecting an Auntie Anne's pretzel. Instead, she learned she was going to be taking her first trip to Disney World.
 She called her and Brennan's certificates their "invitations." She was also excited by the light-up toys we got (for the parades and night shows down there) and her new Tangled water bottle (Brennan got a Mickey Mouse one) since it will be hot when we go.

A coworker of mine suggested getting Cate some starter pins for the pin trading at Disney on eBay. A little known fact about me: I am a HUGE Disney nerd and weirdly know a lot of Disney trivia. I used to want to be an Imagineer.  Anyway, I'm not sure when pin-trading began, but it was just gaining popularity when my family took a trip on spring break my sophomore year of high school and it had exploded by the time we went again two years later. So I've been collecting pins since then. Besides the ones I've purchased or traded at Disney World, I have one for Disneyland from when Eric and I went there pre-kids, and a couple from the Hilton Head Island Resort. I got my lanyard when I was there to run the Disney Marathon in 2007. It was the "year of a million dreams" and we got stopped by a surprise squad in Animal Kingdom who gave Eric and I each a lanyard with two commemorative pins.

 The pins you buy in the park start around $5 a piece-- way too much for a pre-schooler to buy and then trade. But my coworker suggested eBay. There are a lot of sellers on there who sell authentic Disney pins and have great deals on starter collections. Cate got 10 pins and a lanyard for $15! And the Disney cast members at the park have to trade when kids ask (apparently they are given pins before their shifts for this purpose). I asked the eBay seller to not include any Nightmare Before Christmas  or villains pins since Cate is four. S/he was great and gave us a few Mickey's, a Tigger, a dwarf, a muppet (Beaker...I may make her keep that one or trade with her), Donald, and a Pluto. She's all set.
Today's events have me even more excited for our trip! I can't wait. As a 30th birthday present to me, my parents paid for my Keys to the Kingdom tour, which I'll be doing one morning while Eric and the kids hang out at the resort pool. 

I think the above video should work. We'll see.

~Melody :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Five Mother's Days!?!

Even though Eric always jokingly got me a Mother's Day card from the cat, and later from the cat and the dog, my first real Mother's Day came when my sweet girl was a little over three months old.

My second Mother's Day saw me getting discharged from the hospital after a weird virus that had kept me there for three long nights (mostly because they needed to rule out that I wasn't highly contagious and was okay to go back out in public again).

And while it wasn't blog-official yet, I was baking a Brennan by my third Mother's Day.

Brennan was here to celebrate Mother's Day number 4.

Which leaves today-- Mother's Day number 5. Rainy and gloomy and a few leftover moments of pain from a migraine yesterday, but overall, a good day. Flowers and donuts and chocolate at breakfast. Listening to Eric guest-play guitar at a local church (not our regular church). A cookout at my sister and brother-in-law's new house. A quiet bath and time to read the book that has been entertaining me for the last two weeks (it's hilarious, y'all). And a book that should arrive tomorrow.

Actually, this whole weekend has been well-spent with the people who made me a mama to begin with. :-) Friday I came home to a gift from Cate, made at preschool.

It was the first Oakley After Hours party (they run from May-September around here). Cate got a blue-jay painted on her face and Brennan enjoyed testing out toys at the toy-store (and chasing around the owner's new dog, Rosie, who is now the toy-store mascot and delights my animal-lovin' kiddos and who moved to fast to let me snap a picture).

On Saturday (pre-migraine), Cate and I attended a birthday party for one of her classmates at Run, Jump, and Play. We enjoyed racing through the inflatable obstacle courses.

And today was spent indoors, but with lots of loving family around. My heart is full. My kids are tired. I'm going to go snuggle them to sleep and then watch Thursday's 30 Rock and last night's SNL (with Will Ferrell guest hosting) before I crash too. I am one blessed Mommy.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mommy's who read my blog!
~Melody :-)