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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Almost One!

We did round one of first birthday pictures today with Cate in her cute, custom-made top from Olive and Ollie. I think they speak for themselves (they are pictures of pictures since we don't have a scanner, which is why some may appear out of focus).
Round two will be sometime next week, in a different outfit-- her dress from Bloomingdale's (thanks Jessie). We're going to a different portrait studio to get those done. Cate was such a champ today, we got her an early birthday present-- a cell phone. No, not a real one. She loves playing/chewing/drooling/connecting to the internet with our phones, that we've been looking for a good "fake" phone for her. As we went into Pottery Barn Kids today to get a new rug and shower curtain for our bathroom, we found a very good looking fake Razr phone. Cate clearly can't tell the difference as she treated it just like she treats ours.
The buttons make noise, the thinness is about the same as a real one, and the screen has a little holograph thing on it that changes depending on how you tilt it. It's kept her entertained all afternoon!

Happy almost first birthday my darling one!
~Melody :-)

PS...Did you notice the new shoes in her pictures? Cate went to Stride Rite this week and got her first pair of real shoes (meaning she was measured for them). She's barely a size 3. Looks like she's inheriting her mommy's small feet since the saleslady told us that a 3 is typical for a 6-9 month old.

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