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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not Me Monday...On Tuesday

I didn't forget about Not Me Monday this week....I promise. You can read all the rules by clicking here if you want to play along.

I did NOT have 3 days off of work last week because of snow. And we did NOT have such bad cabin fever on the 2nd day that we braved the "white death" to go with our neighbors up the street to a little bar and grille (the only place that seemed to be open besides Burger King).

On Sunday, Eric and I did NOT let Cate join us in bed for our Sunday morning donuts-in-bed ritual for the first time. And despite spreading out a blanket so that Cate could feed herself the pieces of her donut that we cut for her, we did NOT have a mess in our bed afterwards that warranted changing the sheets.
And Eric certainly does NOT go every Sunday morning, before I get up, to go get donuts and bring them to me in bed with a tall glass of organic skim when he gets back from the bakery. And he has NOT done this just about every Sunday since we've been married (give or take a few Sundays when we've been out of town). And he does NOT always get our dog a small tea cookie or a donut hole to eat too.
And since it was SuperBowl Sunday, and our church does an annual SuperBowl of Preaching every year (which, by the way, is one of the MOST attended Superbowl Sunday services in the country), I did NOT dress Cate up in a Miami Redhawks Cheerleader outfit for church.
That's part of me in the background...I did NOT wear my Miami jersey to match. And I did NOT have a blast watching Cate crawl around on the tires (when other kids weren't running through them).

And yesterday (the reason I'm waiting until now to do a Monday post), I did NOT leave my wonderful husband and darling daughter for a night away at an educational technology conference. I did NOT miss them one bit or think about them pretty much every minute. Nope, I did NOT miss them and I did NOT enjoy the wonderful 9 hours of sleep in a huge hotel bed all to myself last night. And at one of today's sessions, I did NOT get to play around with a really, really, expensive camera (worth more than one of our cars--albeit the 8 year old car that is paid off, but still, we're talking a few thousand dollars). And I did NOT win an iTunes gift card at the exhibition hall either. So I am NOT taking suggestions for what to buy at the Apple store.

Finally, I did NOT give my husband and baby girl the biggest bear hugs when I got home this afternoon. I am NOT typing this with Cate on my lap because I just want to hold her so much. She did NOT get the second ear infection of her life while I was gone yesterday and her daddy did NOT do a super job adjusting his work schedule to take her to the pediatrician, the pharmacy, etc. In fact, he was NOT such a super dad that he actually did NOT build a fort in our living room with her (which is still up because it is so NOT cool).

And it is NOT now snowing out AGAIN and I do NOT want at least a delay tomorrow even though I was just gone for two days at the conference.

Nope, NOT me.

~Melody :-)

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