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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!

I got my wish...no school today. I woke up this morning and still hadn't received "the call," but after checking outside and seeing the inches of snow piled on top of everything and an unplowed street, I knew there was no way we could have school today. A few minutes of watching the morning news quickly confirmed this and it was back to bed (I didn't get my official call until 7:30).

The streets are gross, so we haven't done much today other than hang out at home. We took Cate out in the snow for a little bit. Her snow suit is a little big, but kept her nice and warm.
Our neighbors were sledding down their driveway, so they had fun taking Zoey (our dog) and Cate down the hill.
There they go.
Eric ended up being off of work too since the roads were so bad. We're supposed to get more ice and snow tonight, but I'm not getting my hopes up. This day was nice and I don't want to be too greedy.

~Melody :-)


Tudor Rose said...

I love how no matter how old we get snow days still rock :-)

The Palmer Family Blog said...

I love how we're communicating through our blogs...but yea, we didn't go out at all today. We've been holed up and it's been nice. Maybe tomorrow...

I know you don't want to be greedy, but the forecast is in favor of a snow day.