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Thursday, January 29, 2009

One More Day

Today I ended up getting ONE MORE DAY off. Last night I went to bed thinking that we were on a 2 hour delay, but I guess the roads just weren't clear enough and at 5:40 this morning I got "the call" saying that school was once again canceled. I love that when I do go back tomorrow (because I'm pretty sure I will), I'll only have one more day of work before the weekend.

Last night our cabin fever was so bad, we went to the little bar/grill/cafe up the street with our neighbors for awhile. Eric had work today, so Cate and I were once again stuck at home. We played a lot on the floor this morning and then ventured out to the Children's Museum after lunch. The roads weren't that bad (but I did grow up learning to drive in NE Ohio, in the snowbelt), and we had the museum pretty much to ourselves. I took a couple of pictures on my phone. They're not the greatest, but I like to travel light when it's just Cate and I heading out somewhere.
And speaking of just having one more day...after one more night (tonight), Cate will be officially weaned. I've only been nursing her at night for the last couple of weeks. Since I'm going out of town overnight next week, I decided this weekend was a perfect time to drop that last feeding. I really don't want to take my pump with me. Cate's been doing great with the thawed breastmilk in the morning and then organic whole milk at lunch and dinner. We'll continue to give her thawed breastmilk at night until our last few bags run out...I'd estimate we have about 20 left. I've been blessed to be able to feed her this long, but am ready to be really, really done.

~Melody :-)

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