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Thursday, January 22, 2009

At the Library

Cate and I spent a lot of time at the library this summer. We'd walk up with Zoey, leave Zoey tied up on her leash outside, run in to pick up a book or two and maybe a CD or a movie, and then walk home. We'd repeat the process at least once a week. Cate was a little too little to really appreciate the library over the summer though.

With the school year in full swing, I haven't had quite as much time to read. And the weather hasn't exactly been ideal lately for walking to the library. I had to return a couple of DVDs today and pick up a CD that I'd been waiting to come in. Instead of waiting until Eric got home and running up on my own, I decided to stop in on the way home and see if Cate was ready to explore the children's area.
She found a book and a toy right away, but ultimately the book captured her attention.
And she got right down to the business of reading.
That's my girl!

~Melody :-)


Tudor Rose said...

That's so cute! (And that really does look like quite a fascinating book, judging from how intensely she's looking at it. Who knew board books could be so engrossing? ;-))

Mrs. B's World said...

That's a good sign! Our little one loves books. As a part of our bedtime routine, we read 3-4 books to him and he also takes a couple to bed and he falls asleep "reading" them.