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Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's that time of the week again. Time to shamelessly confess all of those things you really did NOT do over the last week. All started by a woman who calls herself MckMama (you can read lots of hilarious Not Me's over on her site).
Last week I did NOT cry tears of joy when my husband came home from staffing the marathon in Phoenix because I missed him so so much.
I am NOT still driving a rental car because our car is still NOT done. And because the reason we do NOT have our car back yet is the fault of the insurance company (for failing to communicate with the body shop), I did NOT get on the phone and raise you-know-what with a few people to extend our maxed out rental car policy. They listened though and I really did thank them sincerely for extending a little grace our way.
I did NOT get all excited for the first episode of LOST last week. I did NOT put Cate to bed early in order to watch it. And I did NOT feel slightly confused by what is now going on. Luckily my husband was there to explain it to me.
I did NOT spend my first night away from Cate on Saturday so that Eric and I could enjoy our date night. I did NOT eat way too much at Bella Luna. I most certainly did NOT make a big deal to my students that I was going to see GREASE that night, in which the role of Jan is executed perfectly by my high school friend, Bridie. And I did NOT actually wait in line for 10 minutes later that night, waiting for a bouncer at Bootsy's to let us in. And it was so NOT worth the wait to get up there and sit on a purple couch, sipping a drink, watching people and the end of the Cavs game. I did NOT miss my little munchkin so much though that I got up early so we could go get her.
And while holding a 2-month old at a baby shower I co-hosted this weekend with my friend Laura, I did NOT have about a 2 minute itch to have another baby (seriously though, we're waiting until Cate turns two before we seriously begin contemplating baby #2).
And I will NOT turn my pajamas inside out tonight in hopes that the winter weather that the weatherman keeps talking about will head my way and I will NOT have school tomorrow.
Feel free to play along.
~Melody :-)

1 comment:

The Palmer Family Blog said...

I am definitely NOT wishing for a snow day either (though if it does snow, call me if you want to get together for a play date!)