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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to Work We Go!

One of the best things about being a teacher-- and I'm sure I've said this elsewhere on this blog-- is that I get be a stay-at-home mom during parts of the year too. There are times at my job when I wish I just stayed home with Cate and I start to think about resigning. But then there are times when I've been home with Cate for an extended amount of time and I realize that I'm actually ready to go back to work. The bottom line: I love teaching and I love being a mom. I'm thankful that I'm able to do both. Since Cate doesn't go to our sitter until 9ish in the morning and I pick her up between 3 and 3:30, I figure I'm not missing too much. She plays, eats lunch, naps, and then comes home ready to play with me.

And once she's in school full time anyway...oh wait, I'm not ready to think about her growing up that fast. In the last 24 hours she's gotten a lot better at the sippy cup (she doesn't cry for her bottle and will take about half of what's in the cup now) and we turned her carseat forwards (I know you're not technically supposed to do this until they're a year old, BUT Cate is tall for her age and her knees were bending up a lot when she was rear facing because her feet could touch the back of the regular seat...I just didn't think she was safe that way and when she kicked she really moved her seat no matter how tight we had it latched in).

The last two weeks have been great. Eric has worked very few days so we've managed to fit in a lot of fun family of three time-- especially at the Children's Museum (man that pass was a great gift). On our second trip this week we explored the water table. Cate soaked both of us while Daddy took our picture.
We spent this weekend with my parents, who came down for a quick visit. Cate wore one of her new dresses from Nana to church this morning.
Look at that goofy grin. :-) My favorite part of the ensemble were her tights...specifically the rear-end of her tights:
And now the time has come for both of us to return to work. I'm getting ready to teach some of my favorite units, so hopefully the time until spring break (my next extended time off) will go by quickly.

~Melody :-)

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