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Friday, January 16, 2009

Morning Adventure

My husband is an amazing man who every day waits for Cate to wake herself up, feeds her, plays with her, gets her dressed, and takes her to the sitter when they're through with their little morning bonding time. Today Eric had to leave even earlier than I did. Today was the one morning that I knew I was going to have to wake Cate up to take her to the sitter so that I could be at work on time. Today was the coldest day of the year.

All day yesterday there was talk of a delay for this morning. In fact, for the last two weeks, I've been praying and hoping for at least a delay so that I wouldn't have to drag my little munchkin out of bed so early. I normally don't get my hopes up, but the predicted cold I thought we'd for sure have a delay this morning. Kids can't stand out at the bus stop in those temperatures. Much to my disappointment, I didn't get a phone call. No delay.

I woke Cate up, changed her diaper, put her in the car that had been warming up for at least 20 minutes, and headed off to the sitter. As I pulled into her driveway, Eric called me and said "so you have the day off I hear," (one of his coworkers lives in the district where I teach). I told him I hadn't received a phone call or seen it on TV, but was at the sitter's and would check there.

The sitter greeted me with a "you guys are closed today." Sure enough, we were on her TV. I called another teacher to see if it was real. She got her official phone call as we were talking. So Cate and I headed back home where my official phone call was waiting on my answering machine. Of course Cate didn't want to go back to bed, so we played and hung out. I was disappointed to learn that the reason we were off was not the cold weather, but vandalism at our bus garage. Seriously? Who does that? I'm not complaining about the day off, but I don't want one because of someone's idea of a joke.

Anyway, we spent most of the morning at home, went to Children's Hospital to have Cate's lead test done (our pediatrician has every patient that lives in an older home tested--in all her years of practicing she's only had to treat one case of lead). We'll have results in a few weeks when we take Cate in for her checkup (unless something concerning shows up before then). After her short afternoon nap, we headed to the Children's Museum with my grandmother who had never been there before. We ended up back at my grandma's this evening where we ordered pizza for dinner. Cate had it all over her, so a bath was necessary before bedtime. She barely fits in the tub with all of her cool bath toys. Tomorrow is the start of something new and exciting for me. I won't give any details now since this post is long enough already. But if you want a hint, check out the "Liz Lothrop Update" in my blog list at right. She's a student on my team this year.

~Melody :-)


Cecily said...

Cate is so adorable with all her bath toys! One of my favorite things to do with my little nephew (2 y/o) is give him a bath! He loves the water and could sit there playing forever. Good luck on the "exciting" thing coming up.... :-)))

Rachel said...

bath pics + babies = priceless!