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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Other Side of the Carter's Store

Ever since September of 2007, when I found out Cate was going to be a girl, my world has been consumed with dresses, ruffles, pink, purple, hairbows, tights, and mary-janes. And Cate's not even what you'd consider "a girly-girl"-- she just wears whatever I put her in. Last week, after learning B was going to be a Brennan (and not a Brooklyn, in case you were wondering what our girl name was), I've ventured to the other part of the kids' clothing section.
Little man clothes are adorable! For now I've only bought him some "play clothes" (not that he'll be playing a lot) as opposed to some nicer church clothes. And I bought him a couple of sleepers-- Cate picked out the monkey one.
At Target, I couldn't resist this adorable knit hat and booties set.
Our awesome neighbor (yeah, the same awesome that organized our block party), randomly brought over a Rubbermaid tub full of 0-3 month clothes for us (her son is in elementary school, but she still had this bin of baby clothes). It was so fun to go through the bin and have so many more cute things to add to Brennan's wardrobe. A couple of co-workers have also been very generous with their hand-me-downs, which are all in great shape! I have to admit though, it's fun to go shopping again as opposed to going to down to the basement to get clothes out of Cate's tubs of baby clothing-- even if it does cost us a little more money. In fact, I spent part of last Friday going through all of those tubs of Cate's clothing. I kept about a dozen outfits, onesies, and pajamas in each size range just in case we decide we want a third kiddo (a big just in case, just in case you were wondering). The rest (and there was still a ton because Cate was one spoiled girl) is all going to a friend who is expecting a girl and to a woman I met through church who is taking some to Africa on a missions trip. We were fortunate to not only have a lot of people buy Cate a lot of clothes, but we also had some great friends who gave us a lot of hand me downs. They're still in such great shape that we're happy to pass them on.

Speaking of Cate, we've been practicing how to hold and care for a baby using her baby doll-- baby Abby (named after Abby Cadabby on Sesame Street). This makes me think she'll enjoy the Bitty Baby she's getting for her birthday even more.
The hospital where I'll be delivering offers a big siblings class. You're supposed to be 3 to take it, but I'm hoping that if we do it at the beginning of December (when Cate will be just 8 weeks shy of her 3rd birthday) that they'll make an exception.

I know it still seems early to be shopping for Brennan and getting things in order-- but with Cate, our church and small group involvement, and work, I know that time will go by quickly. Afterall, my teacher workday is tomorrow! Yikes.

~Melody :-)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you're shopping for Brennan and it's definitely not too early. I love what you've picked out so far! :) Cate is going to be a wonderful big sister.