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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Less than $30

That's the combined total my mom and I spent last weekend at a consignment shop in Hudson. It was $27 and some change if you want to be a little more exact. I love a good sale and gently used clothes don't weird me out-- especially when the consignment shops are picky, as this one is. I have to visit each time we're visiting my parents. This weekend we made our money go far and got:

3 jumpers and 2 shirts to wear under them for Cate:
A cute sweater and a fleece half-zip for Cate:
A preppy little outfit for Brennan (with tags still on the Carter's button up shirt) and a baseball hooded sweater that I am absolutely in love with:
And...two summer outfits for Brennan (the one on the left included sandals and had never been worn):
Considering how fast kids outgrow their clothes, I love a good bargain. Hand-me-downs are the best since they're free...but consignment and resale is a close second. Consignment and resale shops that are picky allow me to be picky and still find clothes for my kids by brands that I like (Gymboree, Osh Kosh, Carter's, etc.).

Eric and I aren't above shopping at reputable adult consignment stores ourselves. We have a great chain in Cincinnati that is extremely picky about what they take. Just a couple of weeks ago Eric got 3 pairs of dress pants that were in perfect condition for $9 a pair. Pants by brands like Dockers that normally cost 4 or 5 times that much at the department store. Our dollars go further when we stretch them this way and our wardrobes then have some variety.

~Melody :-)


Carly said...

I love the thrift store! With a chunk of time I can find some great brand name clothes for a fraction of the price. I also sort of think that it is fun to go on a search through the racks of clothes!

Lynn said...

I know the store you are talking about and they are much better now that it is under new ownership! You might also want to try an online "swap" at www.thredUP.com. I heard about it on the news but I haven't tried it yet. But it is free and you send a box and then choose a box to be sent to you. Sounds interesting....