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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Call Me Crazy

Call me crazy, but yes, I have started Christmas shopping. B is due December 27th. I'll be induced the 20th though. But since babies are unpredictable, I wanted to start now. I could end up on bedrest in December. Or B could come really early. Or...well, we could do this all day. So I've started Christmas shopping. Cate will be getting this dollhouse come December 25th (picture from the web since hers is all boxed up). It's the Fisher Price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse and it's pretty much her main gift. It comes with a mom, dad, and twin babies. We also got her some furniture (nursery, living room, dining room, kitchen, patio set, parents' room, and minivan). I still need to buy the bathroom. There are some other sets for the dollhouse too that family may buy her-- but we've at least got the necessities here. My friend's daughters have this and Cate LOVES to play with it whenever she's at there house.

She's getting better at playing some simple games and doing some more complicated puzzles-- so those will be under the tree too, along with a DVD or two and of course, some books (some of which I've already purchased). Cate isn't the only one we've already shopped for. But since friends and family read this blog, I can't divulge what else we're storing in the basement for the holiday season.

Okay, I can tell you one thing. I did go ahead and buy Cate's birthday present too since life with a newborn will be hectic. It's a Bitty Baby with the starter collection (again, picture totally taken from the American Girl site).
When Cate turns three, B will be about 6 weeks old. We figured Cate would want a baby of her own to take care of. And again, there are lots of accessories that family can add or that mommy and daddy can add to in coming years. I loved American Girl dolls when I was younger. In fact, there are two (Felicity and Samantha) along with countless pieces of furniture and accessories sitting in our basement right now for when Cate is older. I think six is probably a good age to start letting her play with them and to perhaps trade in Bitty Baby for a new American Girl doll of her own.

You can call me crazy, but I call it getting organized.

~Melody :-)


Aunt B and 3 said...

Oh my what fun we ALL will have playing with the doll house and Bitty Baby! You might ask your Mom what a 3 year old feels when Mommy brings home some burping little baby thing at Christmas time...from what I've gathered, she was none to thrilled when Grannie brought me home after stealing her Mom away the WHOLE Christmas holiday. Santa's selections should help ease the pain. I think your Mom got her favorite Bride doll that year as compensation. Have a great trip to the Island...Love Aunt B

Anonymous said...

What fun presents....can we come over to play? I think you are smart to plan ahead and get it all organized. The last thing you want to worry about with a new baby is crossing things off your holiday "to do" list. Good for you!