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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lawton Stables

We had one morning that was a little overcast and slightly misty at times while on vacation. So instead of heading to the beach that morning, we headed over to Lawton Stables, just inside Sea Pines, at the recommendation of a friend.
When Cate (and Baby B) get older, we'll be able to take actual horse rides there. Yes, we do plan on vacationing in Hilton Head for years to come. And maybe when we go in two years (no way am I taking a six-month old B, plus Cate to the beach next summer), Cate will be ready to take a stable-hand led pony ride (only $10). I thought she was a little too small to sit by herself on the pony to be led around the path this year. But for now, the petting zoo was a perfect-- and free-- way to introduce Cate to the stables. She was absolutely mesmerized by Callie, the deer.
And she thought the goats, standing atop their "houses" were a riot.
A nice visitor brought some lettuce to feed to some of the animals (I had no idea you could do this), so when he dropped a piece, Cate picked it up and fed it to a donkey.
The llama barely came close enough to the fence for us to be able to touch him.
I think Cate's favorites were the ponies though. We spent the most time petting them and watching them eat and drink-- which is why next time we go down, I think she'll really be ready for the kids pony ride.
On our way out we spotted a chicken. Cate immediately decided that she needed to pet the chicken, as did another little boy that looked to be about Cate's age. Unfortunately, the chicken would have none of this and began to run. Cate and the little boy chased the chicken around the petting zoo until it got behind a fence. I didn't get any pictures of this because I was laughing too hard to hold my camera up (and they were moving pretty fast). However, I did get a picture of the chicken pre-chase.
Cate's love of animals was very evident this day of our trip. She loves on our dog and cat at home and is fascinated by our two fish-- especially when she gets to "help" Daddy clean out their bowls. I know there are several petting zoos and farms around Cincinnati besides the one at our regular zoo. Looks like I need to find out where they are and start making some trips with my sweet, animal-loving girl.
~Melody :-)

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