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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Diaper Debate

When Cate was around 4 months old or so, Eric and I did a trial run with cloth diapers but ended up re-selling them (yes, there is definitely a market for gently used cloth diapers, especially when you're re-selling some of the most expensive ones out there). We concluded that with both of us working it was too much to ask a sitter to do. And since we were using such expensive diapers it wasn't worth it to pay so much to have a full supply for the summers when I was home. I think I was also just overwhelmed by the whole idea. Disposables were just easier. And at the end of the day...a disposable goes in a landfill or you use extra energy and water to wash cloth diapers...neither is ideal for the environment (sidenote: if you're going for eco-friendly, g-Diapers are the way to go according to the research I did).

However, with an extended maternity leave looming just around the corner, I decided to arm myself with a lot more information about cloth diapering. I messaged a friend from high school who has done it with both of her kids, read blogs, posted things on mommy message board threads, etc. I really, really, really did my homework this time. And while those expensive ones we tried with Cate are great, there are others made by the same company that are cheaper (they take maybe an extra 30 seconds or so to put on a baby when diapering...or so I've been told). Eric and I went back through some records and calculated some costs and realized that even if we only cloth diaper Brennan for the 8 months that I'm home with him...we'll still SAVE $250 on diapers by using the cloth. At that time, we may take that $250 and turn it into some more of the really nice all-in-one cloth diapers (bumGenius to be exact) so that we can continue to cloth diaper our little guy until he's potty trained (which will still save us money even though the bumGenius diapers are pricey). Most childcare providers and daycare centers are cool with the bumGenius diapers b/c they work essentially like a regular diaper...you just don't throw them away, you throw them in a wetbag to send home with the kiddo. But since the bumGenius diapers themselves are so expensive, we're only buying a few to use at church or when we're out. The rest of the time we'll be using Econobum and Flip diapers (made by the same company that makes bumGenius). I'm sure I might get a little overwhelmed at first, but Eric is in total support of cloth diapering and is willing to do whatever it takes to save a little bit of money. Once I get into a routine with the diapers, I'm sure it will get easier and be like second nature. And if we quit at the end of 8 months, we at least stand a chance to make some of our money back re-selling the ones that are still in good shape. I don't have an opinion either way on what kind of diapering is best. I know there are moms out there that are critical of those who don't cloth diaper and I know there are moms out there who are critical of those who do cloth diaper. We're really just doing it to save money. My mom cloth diapered me...and my brother...and I think maybe my sister too...and this was when you still had to use pins (no pins required for our cloth diapers). If she can do it to save money (although she also did it because disposables were really poorly made then), then so can I. I feel like cloth diapering can easily become one of those topics that tear moms apart (like how long to breastfeed-- I say sometime is better than no time; making your own baby food-- great if you can do it but dang those jars are convenient; and whether or not to go natural in childbirth-- my pain tolerance level is LOW so I like being able to say yes to the epidural). I don't want to lose any of my mommy friends over a decision to cloth diaper or any other decision when it comes to baby-rearing. I could care less what covers your child's bottom...as long as it's covered when I hold him, particularly if he's eaten recently.

And since I'm sharing some things that arrived in the mail lately and talking about saving money I guess I'll also share a small splurge that arrived this week.
It's a cute matching mommy-son PJ set for the hospital (picture from Old Navy's website). I absolutely love it! My PJ's are nursing friendly and Brennan will look so cute in the little hat and gown.

~Melody :-)


The Palmer Family Blog said...

Good for you! I hope the cloth diapering goes well. I have a lot of respect for you doing it.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

That PJ set is ADORABLE!!! Love it!

I am so glad you posted on this. We are going to attempt cloth diapering too (shhhhhhhhhhhh! May 1, holy shocker!), and I am at a loss for how to do it. Your plan really is genius. If by May you've sworn off cloth diapers, I may be the person who buys Brennan's supply off of you. Is it different for boys vs. girls, in terms of what kind of diapers you need? Also, how many did you get? Sizes? I need more info!


Anonymous said...

Um, WHAT?! Elizabeth, check your Facebook. Congrats! :)

On cloth diapering - I have friends that do it and I have friends that don't. I personally don't have the energy to figure out one more new thing about babies. Just when I had the BFing thing down, my supply drops and I have to figure out formula. Just when I have THAT figured out, I have to start solids. So, I'm going to keep contributing to those landfills BUT more power to you! A friend uses gDiapers and loves them. :) Good luck, girl!