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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Whole Lotta Stitching Going On

There's been a whole lot of stitching going on in my world lately.  Last weekend my mom helped me surge around the edges of this Elmo panel to make a fleece blanket for Cate for Christmas.

My grandmother also helped me sew these 8 stockings for our small group Christmas party (there are 8 cute kids who will be getting these filled with goodies in a couple of weeks).

My grandmother is also known for knitting these wonderful cotton dishcloths.  Eric and I have gotten a few over the years and love them.  We use them until they wear out.  Last weekend, I learned how to make them.

My grandmother took a knitting break to read to Cate.  Here's how my first dishcloth turned out. 

They're so easy to make.  If you're a knitter, I'm more than happy to pass on the pattern to you.  :-)  I'm making them like crazy now to give to some family and friends who have already requested some.

With all of that, I may get around to using these huge needles I borrowed from my grandmother to make the dressy, shiny scarf you see pictured with them (she made it for me a few years ago using those same needles). 

As for the jumper from this post, which I really wanted to make for Cate for Christmas...well, it's going to have to wait a few more weeks.  I won't get it done for Christmas, but hopefully I'll get it done for her birthday. 

Yes indeed, there is a whole lot of stitching going on around here. 

~Melody :-)


Jimmy & Jenny said...

I seriously don't know how you find time and energy to do all your sewing ... amazing! Cate is getting so big ... can't wait to see you guys over the holidays!

jmberrygirl said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and my g-ma is on her way to my house for a sewing fest on Friday! I'm hoping she can tame the beast. (That would be my Brother sewing machine. Last year's Christmas present.)

Emily said...

Very impressive! I wish I had your talent... I'd love to make some clothes for my little one! :)

Aunt B and 3 said...

Don't stress over that jumper...it will be a perfect project for the calm after the festive storm of the holidays...no matter what she is wearing, Cate will be as precious and sweet as ever! So wonderful to spend time with you all over Thanksgiving. Those memories of Cate playing Wii still warm my heart. She is Aunt B's angel and I feel SO blessed to get to watch her grow, just like her Mommy.God bless your holidays! (Great) Aunt B and 3