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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eye Candy

I made these yummy snow pops to take to Book Club tonight. They look (and taste) delicious. They weren't too hard to make, although next time I make them I will make sure my husband or someone else is here to entertain Cate. She watched a lot of Elmo's World while I made them. Wouldn't red, pink, and white ones be cute for Valentine's Day? I can see them being a good treat for Cate to bring to school on her birthday in a few years (let's not rush things, okay).
I think the vase makes for cute display, however it means that the other dozen or so will be arriving in ziploc bags and will replace others as they are eaten (aka: they don't all fit in the vase). If you want to make some yourself...the recipe is here (luckily I didn't have to add rolled oats).

And because no Eye Candy post would be complete without this girl:
Ahhh...I love me some blue-eyed toddler in brand new fleece sitting in a Cracker Barrel rocking chair drinking milk out of a sippy cup!
~Melody :-)

P.S. Our latest book club read: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Up next month: 1000 White Women by Jim Fergus (already downloaded to my Kindle...I love that thing).


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Those candies look delicious! Speaking of things that look good, your new blog header. I love it! Did you DIY or have it made for you?


Tricia said...

I know where that recipe came from. :) Send her a photo - maybe she'll feature you on her blog! Love them!