We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers. - I Thessalonians 1:2

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Monday, April 4, 2011


We've needed some laughter around here in the last couple of days. Cate started running a fever early Saturday evening. She didn't sleep well, but woke up fever free on Sunday morning. Daddy stayed home from church with her, just in case. Good thing too. Later in the afternoon, she started complaining that she was freezing-- it was 70 outside-- and that her mouth hurt "where her tongue sleeps." Still no fever, but we called the pediatrician anyway who told us to bring her in if she got a fever. Sure enough, just before bed last night, she started running a fever.

Brennan had a well-baby checkup today. He's 13 pounds 11 ounces and 24 inches long. Right around the 50th percentile for both. After a quick shot that put him to sleep, the doctor focused on Cate. Despite having no visible signs of strep throat in her mouth, swollen glands and a positive strep test indicated strep throat. The antibiotics are strong and make Cate's tummy hurt a little bit. Her fever comes and goes. When it comes, she's out of it. She fell asleep on the potty today and proceeded to sleep for the next three hours (yes, I put her in bed). When it goes, she's a wild woman, ready to read, play games, and run around. Hopefully she'll be feeling more of the latter soon. There's a new baby giraffe at our zoo that we want to see and we hear the train is now open after being closed all winter.

All of this coupled with a new leak in the roof (it's small, but I think we're just in denial about needing a new roof since ours is old, not damaged, and we'd have to pay for the whole thing ourselves). It did rain HARD here though. I don't think we would've noticed the leak if the rain had been lighter. So it's probably a good thing.

But we're trusting God for healing-- for our sweet girl and our roof. And we're making sure we laugh amidst the stress. I heard Brennan's sweet first giggles on 3/18 (which is apparently early for audible laughter) while visiting a friend. He's laughed a few more times since then and we finally caught it on video tonight. He really has brought peace to our home and our pastor was right on when he prayed that over Brennan at his dedication. His laughs were a blessing this evening and relieved so many of our worries. We hope you enjoy his sweet laughs as much as we do.

~Melody :-)

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Mama Marchand said...

Awww, he is so sweet!