We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers. - I Thessalonians 1:2

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm breaking my "no-blogging-while-the-kids-are-awake/and-or-when-I-am-their-sole-caregiver-and-need-to-therefore-be-present" rule today. Because I also do allow myself 15 minutes of computer time while they're awake during the day. And usually I use that time to respond to emails or send a tweet or to read some blogs. But today? Today, we're going to the zoo. And then we have small group. So I'm kind of trading in my 15 minutes right now (I don't count responding to tweets and Facebook comments from my iPhone as part of my 15 minutes since that keeps me entertained while nursing Brennan-- but I digress).

Besides, this is how B looks at the moment:
My sweet girl is officially on the mend. Monday night, after being diagnosed with strep throat earlier in the morning, she looked like this:
Her fever broke sometime during the night, but she continued to be kind of "out-of-it" Tuesday and yesterday. Last night we did go to dance class, but she was pooped afterward. She fell asleep on our after dinner walk and proceeded to sleep for the next 12 hours! So today she looks like this: Now we just have to keep convincing her that just because she feels better doesn't mean she can just stop taking her medicine. She's gotta take that stuff 'til next Wednesday. And it really screws with her appetite-- makes her not hungry, which makes her little tummy hurt, which means she needs more on her stomach, you get the idea.

And because she went to bed so early last night and Eric took B to pick up a few groceries, I had time to browse Etsy and find these for Brennan:
Cate couldn't have picked a better time to feel better. Monday and Tuesday (and part of yesterday) were chilly and rainy and gross. This morning? The sun is shining and it's supposed to get up to 70. I'm finishing a cup of coffee and then I think we'll load up the double stroller for a walk (maybe with a stop at the park, but I don't want Cate to overdo it). After lunch we'll head to the zoo. I'm pretty sure Cate will crash in the car on the way home from the zoo, so she should be set for small group tonight. We're doing a great study right now about whispers from God. You can read the book if it's a topic that interests you.

Okay, I think that about uses up my 15 minutes. But just in case I have a few seconds left and need more reason to celebrate today-- I just got a text from a friend saying her son has arrived, born around 8 this morning! The world just got a little sweeter!

~Melody :-)

P.S. My 600th post is coming up soon (crazy, I know). I'm thinkin' about doing a giveaway. Something small and cheap (I'm on unpaid maternity leave people), but fun nevertheless. So stay tuned.


Tudor Rose said...

600?! I haven't even hit 500 yet!

Glad to hear Cate is feeling better :) Sounds like you guys have a fun day planned!

Anonymous said...

600? AWESOME! Just my two cents - you should giveaway something you can make! Handmade rocks. :)