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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eggs! And a 4 Month Update.

Yesterday we got together with some friends to dye Easter eggs. Cate loved coloring her eggs with friends.
She stuck stickers, wiggle eyes, and puff balls on them later.I asked her the other day if Brennan hatched from an egg. She told me "no, he came from your belly, where your scar is." I'm pretty thankful for that scar. Until she's really ready for "the talk," it suffices as a great way to explain how Brennan came out of me.

Speaking of Brennan, he's 4 months old today!
Time is flyin' by! I'm about halfway through this maternity leave. And while we've tightened up the budget a lot to make up for my not working temporarily, it's been one of the best decisions we've ever made. I'm excited to get back to work. In August. It's been a blessing to stay home with my kids (though hard at times) and not have to think about piling on grading, pumping, parent meetings, etc. on top of adjusting to life as a family of 4. All things I'll be ready to handle in a few months when Brennan and Cate are just a bit older.

He sits quite well in his Bumbo seat now. And is holding onto objects better. We think he knows his hands are attached to his body, but he just isn't sure how to control them/reach for things.
Today we had some more Easter fun. The weather lately has been wet, to put it mildly. We took advantage of a break in the rain and hit 25 eggs around our yard for Cate to find. Guess what game I'll be playing all week with Cate? Only we have about 5 times as many eggs now.
We decided at the last minute to head to a downtown egg hung. Where it poured down rain right as the hunt began and stopped as we were walking back to the car. My grandmother (mom's mom) and uncle (mom's brother) also came over for a quick visit this morning to give Cate and Brennan some more Easter goodies.

As I mentioned in my last post, we've been trying to communicate to Cate that the Easter Bunny simply helps us celebrate Jesus' coming back to life on Easter Sunday. A friend of mine commented that they read/talk about the Easter story before they do baskets on Easter morning. I love that idea and think we'll be doing the same tomorrow and then heading off to church and a late lunch/early dinner with Eric's family.

Happy Easter!
~Melody :-)

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1 comment:

Carly said...

One of my 3rd graders told me that one of his classmates told him girls had eggs in their bodies, and he was wondering how they hatched!
Looks like you had fun decorating eggs!