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Friday, April 29, 2011

It Was Epic

Turning 29? Not so bad. Pretty sure I feel the same way about turning 30. 40? Eric might have to get me out of bed and get me dressed, but that's 11 years away, so why worry about it now?

I started celebrating the last year of my 20's with breakfast with my dad. He took the kids and I out for pancakes. Mmmm! Next up was the BMV to renew my license plates. Turned out I needed a new license as well. Good thing I had put on makeup to go out to breakfast. We got home and some friends came over with a cute necklace/earring set (that I wore out to dinner later and that Cate is wearing in the picture below with my cake), my favorite wine (Emeri sparkling sauvignon blanc), and my current favorite ice cream (Jeni's Salted Caramel-- comes from Columbus and made with milk from local cows).

The middle of the day saw a bit of a hiccup. Cate's been complaining of her ear hurting for a couple of days. I took her in today and she's got a doozy of an infection in her right ear and a moderate infection in the left. But doesn't she look so darn cute in her ballet costume (picture taken yesterday)?
Brennan ended his pooping-strike while we were at the doctor's office and I ran out of wipes (wet paper towels to the rescue). We came home (after picking up Cate's medicine) and took it easy.
My in-laws came over to watch the kids later that night. Eric and I went to check out Senate where we had some awesome gourmet hot dogs and truffle fries. Eric also got me this. In red. I'm not a self-conscious kind-of girl when it comes to body image. Never really have been. I love the vintage styling of this suit and can't wait to wear it all summer long! It looks pretty fab on.
We came home for some cake-- Boston Cream Pie actually. Cate blew out my candles. The kids went to bed and we enjoyed Michael Scott's last day at Dunder Mifflin and Jack Donaghey's flute-playing skills.
Oh, and on the way home from dinner, God gave me a rainbow.
And....the winner of my Amazon giveaway? Commenter #13, Tina. Congratulations Tina. I'll email you at the email address you left to see if you'd prefer the instant gratification of emailing you the gift card or if you'd rather get it via snail mail.
Happy Weekend friends! I feel like I've been blogging a lot lately. Probably because both kids have actually been going to bed!

~Melody :-)


mama marchand said...

I think I may have forgotten to tell you happy birthday on Facebook ... so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

mama marchand said...

Oh, and your birthday day sounds delightful! LOVE that bathing suit!

Popina said...

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I am so happy you like it. Here is the link again for reference:



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