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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Be a Shutterfly

I love, love, LOVE, love Shutterfly! I recently decided to make a photobook for each year of my kids' lives. But since Cate is already 3, I had some catching up to do. Her third year book arrived just before her third birthday.
Her first year book is made (just need to order it)and her second year book is in the works. Then I'll be all caught up and can focus on her fourth year book and Brennan's first year book (thus far since the year isn't close to over for either of them). I plan to make them as we go through the year from now on so the task isn't so overwhelming. And I find this a great alternative to scrapbooking because I'm not a scrapbooker. At all. It's expensive, frustrating, and time-consuming (in my own opinion). I know you can create beautiful ones; I just don't have the patience. But photobooks? Those I can do. And Shutterfly's new custom path even has little embellishments to give it more of the scrapbook-y feel. But I digress.

We also got our Christmas cards through Shutterfly this year. But did you know they do other cards? Like Mother's Day cards? Or birth announcements?

Spring is in the air-- which means so is my birthday (my Amazon giveaway closes that day), Mother's Day, and the birth of several of my friends' long-awaited babies. Shutterfly is celebrating spring's arrival by giving bloggers a chance to get 50 free cards. Sign up and get some cards to help usher in spring.

~Melody :-)

For writing this post I will be compensated with either a free 8 x 8 photo book or 50 free spring cards from Shutterfly. Did I mention that I love them?

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