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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time with My Boy

It was Flying Pig Marathon weekend in Cincinnati. Which pretty much meant that I was on my own with the kiddos. Thankfully, yesterday the weather was absolutely beautiful. We walked up to the park and played while Daddy spent the day downtown getting all kinds of things ready for the Team in Training runners. I wish I could've said the same about today's weather. It was gross. More on that in a second.

After lunch, Eric's mom came down to pick Cate up for a sleepover. She loves going to spend the night with Grandma and Poppy. She has a whole Rubbermaid tote full of toys at their house that she only plays with there (nothing is a duplicate of what we have at home). And Poppy makes her popcorn in their popcorn machine. Plus, they have 3 dogs (my sister-in-law's dog is living there temporarily). So it's a lot of fun for her. And it meant I got to spend my night with this little guy: Once Cate was in the car on the way to Grandma's house, Brennan took a nap on my lap while I finished Cate's second year book on Shutterfly. Her first and second year book are now done and ordered (thanks to some generous friends who shared coupon codes they weren't going to use). I'm so glad to be "caught up" (since I didn't decide to make a book for each year of their lives until this winter). I fed him and changed him when he woke up and we headed downtown. The woman speaking at the Team in Training inspiration dinner is the mom of 3 of my former students (one who had Leukemia but is now in remission), so I wanted to hear her speak. Once I finally found parking and grabbed some Chipotle, Brennan and I power-walked to the hotel to hear her speak. Brennan ate his rice cereal while she spoke, gave Daddy a slobbery kiss goodbye, and we came home. It was a quiet evening of snuggling and falling asleep to Modern Family season 1 on DVD.

Back to the weather: I wish the weather would've been better this morning. I had some friends running the Flying Pig Half Marathon that I wanted to see finish. But it was pouring down rain then. The rain cleared for a good stretch when many of the full marathon runners were finishing, so Brennan and I drove back downtown to hang out at the finish line for a bit. The Ohio River was way up from all of the recent rain.
We cheered for some of the Team in Training finishers and gave Daddy another kiss goodbye and then went to pick up Cate. Cate was well-behaved for her grandparents and got great sleep (and woke up dry!). I missed having her around, but with Eric gone overnight, Brennan still slightly unpredictable with his sleeping patterns, and Cate waking up once or twice a week with growing pains (poor thing), I thought it would be easier to only have to worry about one kid for the night. It was nice to have just some time alone with my boy. We snuggle him a lot, but he definitely got extra snuggles last night.

Eric came home exhausted at dinner time. We got both kids bathed, the dinner dishes cleaned up (I'm so thankful for Whole Foods fresh soups to go), and are getting ready to head to bed early. The perk in all of this? Eric gets tomorrow off as comp time. He and Cate are having a much needed Daddy/Daughter date while B and I spend some time cooking dinner for a friend who had a baby 3 weeks ago. I can't wait to meet her son and B can't wait to meet a new friend.

~Melody :-)

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Shell said...

It's nice to have a little break every once in a while!