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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thanks for a great birthday (Family, Friends and God!)

So, as I inch my way closer to 30, I get a chance to take stock of blessings and everything that makes me enjoy my life. First off, I got to celebrate 5 wonderful years with my wife just last month and travel to southern California in the closest thing that I've eve known to style. Second, I got to celebrate my daughters 18 month birthday today and just revel in her every time she sees me, shouts "daddy" and runs to me. She also helped me open all of my gifts.

Third, I got to see my wife continue growing in craftiness and enjoy some of her handiwork. She made these great PJ pants for me. Isn't she talented?

Fourth, I got one of the better gifts I've gotten in recent memory when Mel let me open a Crosley Record / Tape / CD Player / Radio and a U2 Record. Of course, Cate and I had to enjoy some firstfruits on the floor.

Fifth, I got to crack open some books that my dad got me to start on my next venture in life in which I would ask for your prayers. I have felt that God is calling me to pursue a Master of Divinity degree to move into a different area of service. I don't know where that road will lead, but I know I must follow it, and I covet your prayers to follow it. The books are some of the initial courses for that Masters Degree.

Lastly, I got to reflect on all the amazing people I have in my life who wished me a happy day, sent blessings and prayers my way and brought me a great sense of Gratitude for the wonderful God who brought me here, gave me life, let me enjoy it and let me follow him. Thank you God, Thank you friends, Thank you Family, and God Bless.

- Papa E

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