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Friday, August 28, 2009


Our friend, Tina, from our small group is also a teacher.  She knows how crazy the first day of school can be.  And she knows that the last thing any teacher wants to do on the first day of school is come home and make dinner.  So last week at small group she handed us a pan.  Full of yummy lasagna goodness.  All I had to do yesterday (the first day of school for me) was thaw it while at work and stick it in the oven for an hour when I got home.  It was delicious!  Cate loved eating (and wearing) it.  She promptly took a bath while Mommy promptly vegged on the couch in order to digest her three servings.

I also thoroughly enjoyed leftovers at lunch today!  Thanks Tina!

The first week of school-- all 2 days of it-- went really well.  My students seem like nice kids, I feel incredibly organized this year, and am confident that this year will be a good one.  Cate has been a little clingy when Eric drops her off at our sitter, but she seems to get over it quickly.  Hopefully as we settle more into the routine of school, she'll be less clingy when getting dropped off.  I think it's just because she actually recognizes us leaving and coming to get her every day (I'm greeted with "Hi Mommy" every afternoon).  But I'm stickin' to what I said in this post: Working makes me a better mom.  This week was a reminder of that.  (Sidenote...that post was in no way intended to offend all you stay-at-home moms out there, so I hope you weren't offended.  I love my job-- most days-- and that is how I find balance and what makes me better.  I couldn't be a SAHM-- it's just not in my personality...at least not right now).

Next week is a full five-day week of school.  Time to rest up this weekend.

Happy back to school everyone!


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