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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Penguin and Spidey

Alternately Titled: What I Was Watching Unfold While I Should Have Been Paying Attention

Disclaimer:  If you work with me, please, please, please, don't tell on me.  ;-)  And if you work with Eric...don't tell on him either.

Today was our teacher work day.  Tomorrow the students come.  Today we come in to work on our classrooms sit through a three hour meeting in the morning-- which isn't all bad--introductions, re-introductions, celebrating what we did well last year and our diversity are all good things.

But during all of this, a story told in picture messages with brief captions was unfolding.  I should note that this all started when I texted my hubby asking for a picture of my sweet baby girl this morning.  He didn't see the text until he was already at work, but figured this would do the trick.

"Penguin eating Spidey"
It made me laugh.  Spidey is a Lego Spiderman that showed up in our rental car last year after we got hit. I thought this was the end of it-- afterall, he'd made me laugh and made up for not sending me a picture of Cate.  But then my pocket buzzed again.
"They worked it out."
I have no idea where the penguin came from.  I chuckled again and put my phone away only to feel the buzz again a few minutes later.
"Spidey apparently didn't like the penguin and wants to end it"

The rest of the story unfolds like so:
"Penguin to the rescue"
"Mouth to mouth"
"Drying off"

"All is well in the land of cube" 
The "land of cube" refers to my husband's cubicle, where Spidey and the penguin apparently hang out.  
I know, I have an awesome and creative husband who was willing to create this story for me when he probably should have been working too.  Although we could consider this a tradeoff for the work he sometimes does at home, like answering emails, making phone calls, etc. 
And on a totally other random note...

~Melody :-)

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That is funny!