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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Roaring New Obsession

On Monday Cate and I went to the Children's Museum...which is on the bottom level of the Natural History Museum...which is currently hosting a dinosaur exhibit...which means there is a large dinosaur statue out front (sorry, I didn't have my camera and didn't take a picture of it). It's one of the long-necked dinosaurs and walking up to the entrance, Cate pointed at it and made her noise for elephant. I think the long neck made her think it was an elephant. Seizing the teachable moment, I told her that it wasn't an elephant, but a dinosaur and proceeded to show her that a dinosaur roars.

Cate continued to keep saying something that sounded like "dino" and roaring throughout our museum visit (and we didn't even go to that exhibit-- it costs extra...a lot extra...but maybe we'll check it out before it leaves). On our way out, we picked up a small, rubbery, dinosaur toy in the gift shop (the cheapest one they had there). Cate roared and played with him the whole way home and he has become quite the favorite toy this week. Here's a little video I took with my phone outside the museum.

Daddy further indulged Cate's new little obsession when he picked up some dinosaur toys and a book from the dollar bin at Target (the big one lying down is the one from the museum).
So now Cate loves to read about dinosaurs (we own the board book How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms and the book from Target; we checked out the board book How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors from the library).
And she loves to play with her dinosaurs. Her favorite thing is making them roar at the pets.It's the cutest little roar I've ever heard!

~Melody :-)

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