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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Things That Have Made Me Laugh Recently

Cate's new dinosaur infatuation and her constant "roaring."
Avocado with lime juice (perfect for dipping blue corn tortilla chips). This makes me laugh because I first tasted avocados and this particular concoction during the summer of 2003 when I lived in Los Angeles. I was an RA for a gifted program and the memories make me chuckle still, six years later. Let's just say that some gifted kids are very socially awkward and prefer to have contests to see who can write Pi out to the most digits from memory at Saturday night dances rather than say, actually dancing at the dance. ;-)
The name on Cate's prescription diaper rash cream (she has a stubborn one that won't go away). If you can't read the label it says "Magic Butt Cream." I thought the pediatrician was just joking when she called it that on the phone and said she call in the prescription to the pharmacy. Turns out she wasn't joking.
The squirrels or other creatures that keep stealing our next-door neighbors tomatoes, eating parts of them, and then leaving them on our back deck.
These two photographs are from the SECOND time this happened.
What's made you laugh recently?

~Melody :-)


Elizabeth said...

That post made me laugh, especially the part about gifted kids (sooooo true)! Always a good read!

Anonymous said...

Cute post...it is funny how much you laugh with a toddler around. I find so many things Grace does make me laugh. Today, it was dancing the mambo with Dora and Boots. So cute! And, I got up to dance with her!