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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend with My Sister

My sister, Catherine, (Cate's named after her), came down this weekend for a visit. I was so glad she was able to abandon her busy life of working at Panera, living in the DG house, coaching kids at a summer sports camp, and catching up with all of her friends who are home from college, to spend some time with us.

We hung out on Friday evening when she got her. Eric showed Cate how to play Wii (Lego Star Wars if you're curious as to the game) while we waited for Catherine to arrive. Later, Eric and Catherine played some Wii together.
Saturday morning we were up semi-early to head to our favorite weekend market, Findlay Market.
Cate was mesmerized by the saxophone player...
...intrigued by the lobsters...
...hungry for pasta...
...but had to settle for some bites of one of these...
...mmmmmm- Belgian Waffles. Whatever they make these guys with, they are perfect plain. Or you can add syrup or fruit or whip cream...whatever.

After naptime, we headed to Trader's World. It's a huge flea market that Eric's family has frequented for years. I had never been despite passing it numerous times on the highway.
We didn't really get to look around too much though. We were trying to get Cate to burn off some energy (she did), so we could put her to bed early and my grandmother could sit with the monitor while we enjoyed Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (we did). Cate did enjoy the myriad plastic animal decorations that abound at Trader's World.
I think I'd like to go back at some point when I can look around a little more. We stopped at Ikea on the way home from Trader's World. Catherine bought a few things since she's moving/moved (she's kind of in between right now) into her sorority house. It was so weird watching her pick out a comforter and a desk and surge protectors...it doesn't seem like I was doing the same thing only 9 years ago as I prepared to move into my dorm room. Cate had fun riding the furniture dolly.
And as I said above, Eric, Catherine, and I all thoroughly enjoyed the new Harry Potter movie. I think a re-reading of the series may be in order sometime this fall.
Today was spent at church, eating some of the yummy, fresh goods from the market yesterday, and saying goodbye to Aunt Catherine. Come visit us again soon!

~Melody :-)

P.S. Yes, we really did have unseasonably cool weather for a Cincinnati July-- hence the pants and occasional sweatshirt in the pictures above.

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