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Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday (Vacation Edition)

I skipped last week since we were on vacation, but I'm back this week to confess to all those things I really didn't did do. You can check out all of the Not Me Monday fun at MckMama's blog. Isn't the new Not Me Monday logo (above) cute?

While on vacation and away from this munchkin (who did NOT learn how to climb up on the coffee table while we were gone) I did NOT...
...polish off a bottle of champagne with my husband in about 30 minutes on our first night (he had chocolate covered strawberries and the bottle of champagne sent to our room).

I did NOT take a bath just about every night simply because I wanted to watch TV from the bathtub. There was NOT a TV about 10 times the size of the bathroom one in our bedroom that would've been much better for viewing but not as much fun.
While surfing (no, I don't have the pictures developed yet, we have a few more left on the waterproof camera...hopefully I'll finish it up at the pool this week), I did NOT break a baby toe. I did NOT continue to surf after breaking said toe because I was having so much fun (I got up to standing 3 times).

I did NOT think The Hangover was an extremely funny movie when we went to see it. And despite the opening scene in Away We Go, I did NOT also find that to be a great summer flick.

Eric did NOT think he saw Steve Martin at a Santa Barbara Starbucks and then say, "Nah, it was just some other old dude."

While driving to Hearst Castle, we did NOT have to take a little detour away from the scenic route because of all the fans crowding the road outside Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

And now that we are home, I am NOT obsessed with watching "America's Got Talent." I did NOT stay up until 1:30am (the latest I've been up in a while) on the 4th, catching up with friends. I am also NOT obsessed with the antique photo finish on iPhoto.Which makes this cute little girl (who did NOT turn 17 months old yesterday) look ever so scrumptious. Especially when she is in the arms of the man of my dreams overlooking a city we love.
Nope, NOT me.


1 comment:

Drahdrah said...

Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, sounds wonderful ! Your daughter is a cutie too. HAPPY NNM !