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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fat Lip

Cate took her first face-plant into the sidewalk yesterday afternoon. It really wasn't that bad, but it looked like a lot of blood at the time. Luckily I kept myself together while we walked home (she was in front of the neighbor's house when she tripped) and got her cleaned up. She's has a nice fat lip now.
I think the toys we picked up a yard sale yesterday (pre-face-plant) are a nice distraction though. We got her a singing, neighing, rocking horse; the Little People school with 9 Little People; and a Mega Blocks Castle with dragon, wizard, knight, horse, and king (the castle also has a secret compartment and a dungeon). She hasn't really had any new toys since her birthday (except for the Tadoodles markers and a couple of Automoblox), so I guess it was time. Plus, all of that only cost us $10.
I know she'll have more tumbles, spills, and yes, even face-plants in the future. It's part of growing up and learning how to be more coordinated. In the meantime, her swollen lip is fodder for more of mommy's photography.

~Melody :-)

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