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Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child Monday

Today brings a new twist on Not Me Monday, the blog carnival started by the blog-famous, MckMama. Today's twist--- Not My Child Monday. Because we all know that our kids aren't always the little angels that they seem like on our blogs. I am going to add another little twist and include pictures of my baby wearing the adorable little outfit that I made her in my sewing lessons with my grandma (I had help on the ric-rac though-- that's hard stuff people). Don't you think it turned out cute? And the best part is...she'll wear it as a dress this year and then we'll adjust the buttons next spring and it'll be a top w/matching bloomers (you can't see the bloomers right now since the dress is so long). But I digress...
My child has NOT taught herself how to do a fake burp (more like a squeak) so that she can say "excuse me" (comes out as "me me") over and over again. This is probably NOT the result of too much parental praise when she actually does burp and remembers to say "excuse me." She does NOT say "excuse me" when other people burp or sneeze too.
My child did NOT climb up into the rocking chair at the church nursery yesterday and did NOT proceed to then stand on that chair and rock. She is well-behaved and NOT a climber.
My child does NOT have a new found fascination with sticking her hand near any dog's mouth because she wants the dog (especially ours) to lick her. That would be totally disgusting.
And speaking of disgusting...my child does NOT have some weird fascination with opening both the garbage can lid (we have one of those tall kitchen cans with a pedal) and the toilet lid (when she's in the bathroom with one of us while we're brushing our teeth or something). We are NOT constantly washing or sanitizing her hands as a result.

Come play along this week. What have your children NOT doing? Or if you don't have any, what have you NOT been up to?

~Melody :-)


Angie Vik said...

Greetings from Wisconsin. Found your blog at MckMamas. I decided to visit ten blogs today. You're the seventh one I've been too.

This is a very cute NMM post - one of the best I've seen today. Your little girl is adorable. Good job on the dress.

Anonymous said...

OMG that dress is amazing! You are doing great with your lessons. And, Miss Cate looks beautiful, as always!