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Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ahhh...my weekly, therapeutic, confessional where I can let go and admit that I'm not always the perfect mother I imagine myself to be. Check out more "Not Me's" at MckMama's blog.

This week I did NOT take Cate out for a walk after some rain and while on this walk, I did NOT allow her to walk up and down the little hill that is our neighbors driveway (they weren't home). She did NOT fall coming back down it once and totally face-plant, giving her a fat lip. I did NOT blog about it here and take a bunch of pictures of my fat-lipped baby.
I did NOT allow Cate to play with various plastic kitchen gadgets, pots, pans, a Stride Rite box, her old, too-small shoes, and some magnets in the kitchen so that I could get stuff ready for our five-year anniversary family picnic.

I did NOT start a book and then stop reading it because I just couldn't follow his train of thought. I am an English teacher afterall. I finish every book I start. And while the topic of the book is interesting, I am NOT in a summer-vacation state of mind, which is NOT why I probably had a hard time reading those first 30 pages and gave up on it. Maybe I'll try it again in the fall.

I did NOT do a little photo shoot of Cate wearing the dress we got her for her birthday. It finally fits but the pants are NOT just a little big they fall down when she stands up. I am NOT looking forward to this week's sewing lesson so I can learn how to take them in a little.
I should NOT be doing something more productive right now while Cate spends a day with her sitter...like walking the dog, or working on one of my distance courses, or something. Spending free baby-less moments blogging is a much better use of my time. :-)

~Melody :-)


Emma said...

Oh no! Sad about the little lip! Hey, blogging without kids around is a productive use of time, isn't it?! :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Oh, look at that poor little lip! Hope it heals soon!

Family American Style. said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing. There’s a new game on Wednesday's its....”What would your children say?” Wednesday. You can see the details by going to the link on my home page that says, “What would your children say?” Wednesday. I hope you can join in the fun