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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A New Playground

Okay, so the playground at the elementary school up the street really opened last year (when the new school opened). Here's my post about the school that I wrote last year when we toured it at the open house. The playground is new to us though; we haven't taken Cate there until this week. Cate won't be in kindergarten for a few more years--thank goodness, I already think she's growing up too fast. So this post is just about how we have been enjoying the playground there lately.
The playground is fenced in-- a bonus for Zoey who always accompanies us. Every time we've gone, we've been the only ones playing there, which means Zoey can get let off of her leash to run around. She even follows Cate up into the play area. Cate seems to have more confidence playing here as well. The community center park, where we usually go, is also usually crowded. Cate doesn't normally mind, but sometimes I do-- the older kids like to run around and have knocked her down a time or two. It's really not a big deal and she does usually get back up, but we tend to avoid certain parts of that playground because of the older kids. With no older kids around, Cate takes off on her own to climb and explore.
This week she surprised me when she went up the steps, sat down, and....
...went down the slide all by herself. It wasn't a fluke either. She continued to keep doing this over and over again until she was just plain worn out and it was time to head home. The result of all that sliding......awesome static electricity!

~Melody :-)

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