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Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday

The Not Me Monday traffic has been slow over at the MckMama blog. Please pray for their darling son, Stellan. I will carry on this week with admitting my imperfections that make me the (great) mom that I am.

This week Cate did NOT clearly say "Target" after I asked her if she wanted to go to Target with mommy. I did NOT think it was hilarious and did NOT keep asking her to say "Target" all weekend. I do NOT spend way too much time (and money) at Target.

Cate is NOT getting four molars at once. Our perfect daughter did NOT cry so much from the pain of teething this week that she's had to take Tylenol every night before bed.
She's still so darn cute though. I am NOT still learning my camera and how to take better pictures, so I am NOT still shooting pictures that come out a little more "off" than I would like, like the one above.

And CATE is NOT channeling mustached men when this piece of asparagus (we tried, she ate one piece and played with the rest) got stuck on her upper lip at dinner. Eric and I did NOT crack up laughing at her and only after about 3 minutes of laughing/picture taking did we help a baby out and get it off of her face.
This week is NOT our last week with our small group for our all-church journey. I am NOT sad about it and do NOT hope that we can keep meeting together. That would NOT be the raddest thing ever. I did NOT just use the word "raddest" on my blog.

I am NOT having fun playing around with photo editing on iPhoto. I am NOT quickly becoming a fan of the antiqued look.
I did NOT treat myself to a pedicure this week. I would NEVER think of indulging in something like that, especially when Cate needs PJ's because she's sprouting like a weed.

Nope, NOT me!

~Melody :-)


The Palmer Family Blog said...

Mommies need nice things too, like pedicures!

Ryan said...

my small group started about 15 mos. ago by doing the all church small group thing and when it was over we all talked it over and decided to keep meeting every weds. since! Do It! It IS Rad:)