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Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's time for the weekly blog carnival/confessional/sharing my minor imperfections post. Check out more fun over at the MckMama blog.

This week I did NOT decide that a scrambled egg was a perfectly acceptable lunch for Cate.

I did NOT indulge in dessert at The Cheesecake Factory with a good friend.

I have NOT taken almost 1000 pictures with my new camera in the 12 days that I've had it. I did NOT only keep about 100 of those. I have NOT heard it multiple times that the more I shoot, the better I get. I am NOT trolling around online after Cate goes to bed to read more DIY photo advice.

I did NOT ride 45 miles on my bike indoors and then proceed to walk around like I had just gotten off a horse for the rest of the day. I'm tough and can stand that much time spinning my bike inside. I did NOT consider putting some of Cate's diaper rash cream on my bottom because I was so uncomfortable afterwards and didn't have any chamois butter. You should NOT help me raise money for a charity by clicking here.

I did NOT make cute baby shower favors to go with the cute baby shower invites that I made a few weeks ago. I am NOT channeling my inner Martha Stewart on a pretty regular basis now. Oh, and I did NOT totally steal those favor ideas from one of my new favorite blogs.
I have NOT gone back on a Young Adult fiction reading binge. I am NOT currently reading Savvy by Ingrid Law and really enjoying it. And I did NOT almost pee myself when I took my students to the media center last week and discovered that Ann Brashares has a new YA book out. I did NOT immediately check it out and am NOT super excited to read it after I finish Savvy.

Cate did NOT eat sand playing with her new sand and water table. I did NOT strip her down to her diaper outside because she was so sandy and wet after playing, even though it was only 60ish degrees out. I canNOT wait for summer when she can just play in her diaper. Seriously though, the sand and water table is awesome!!
These are NOT my two favorite people in the whole wide world.
We are NOT getting our basement re-waterproofed (the people before us did not do it correctly for a nearly 100 year old house) this week, so everything in our basement is NOT either in the garage or scattered throughout the house right now. My handsome hubby did NOT do all of that moving stuff around on his own this weekend while I played around. You will NOT hear jackhammering noises coming from our home this week . We will NOT have a clean, dry, play area for next winter or rainy days when they are done.

The Santa Barbara tourist industry did NOT send us a great magazine all about their town so we can look up some things to do while we are vacationing this summer. I did NOT start drooling immediately. We are NOT looking into taking our bikes with us because it looks like what we'd pay to check them as baggage is cheaper than actually renting bikes for 4 days when we get there. We are NOT becoming obsessed with cycling in this house.

Play along-- on your own blog, Facebook, or in the comment section. What did you NOT do this past week?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We have been away all week, so it was fun to come back and see what you have been up to! Cate is getting so BIG!