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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day aka: Grandpa with a Stick

It was beautiful and sunny today...perfect for our city's Irish and non-Irish to come out and party despite it being only Tuesday.
Upon getting home from work, Cate was promptly changed into sandals (they finally fit her Em) and shorts.
After dinner, we headed up to check out the Irish festivities at our favorite local Irish pub and eatery. No, we did not brave the crowd of Guinness drinkers. We just saluted them from across the street and enjoyed the music of a U2 cover band.
The funniest part of our walk came as we were passing the community center. Three very eager boys were walking with their grandfather to get ice cream at UDF (we stopped to talk to them...or should we say they stopped to talk to us, specifically our dog, which is the only reason why we know this). When one of the boys stooped down to pick up Zoey, the grandfather began pointing a stick at him and scolding him in Italian (Eric knows his languages). We let them walk ahead of us and the grandfather continued to wave his stick every time the boys seemed out of line. If they got too close to grandpa, they got a whack (with his hand, not the stick). Had Melody been a braver or bolder person, she would have photographed said grandfather with stick, but instead limited her photography today to St. Patrick's Day fun.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's okay to pretend to be Irish...Eric says there are more Irish people in America than there are in Ireland.
~Eric, Melody, and Cate


Anonymous said...

GReat post. You had me laughing at it isn't even 8:00AM yet!

Anonymous said...

i'm thoroughly enjoying your pictures mel :) thanks for always keeping a smile on my face!!! miss you guys! ~Kristin

Tudor Rose said...

I love all of the pictures you've been posting! The one of Cate in the shorts is too cute.