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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Signs of Spring

Spring is coming! I know it is-- the signs were everywhere today:
A blue-eyed baby in a bonnet (the fleece hat makes her head sweat when it's above 40, but she was having an off day and while I'm pretty sure it's teething, I wanted to keep her ears covered just in case). Doesn't she look ridiculously cute in one of my old bonnets? Wait until you see some of her cute dresses and spring coat that were all her mommy's and all made by her Gigi (Great Granny).
Blooms. These are popping up right by our bonfire pit. Weird. But beautiful.
Baby steps. We aren't close to walking yet and I'm not rushing it, but Cate gets very excited when one of us grabs her hands and helps her take a few steps. So maybe we're closer than I think? Who knows?

Oh yeah, and it's pretty much going to stay in the 50s and 60s for the next week. Hooray for spring!

~Melody :-)


Debra said...

The flowers in the picture are snowdrops,and come up every early spring. The flowers will open up more and I placed some of mine in a heavy book then latter sent these on when I wrote letters.

Debra said...

ps they come up from small bulbs. AND Kate looks darling in your bonnet! Has been fun watching her grow!