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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

Here I go again. Time to confess all of those imperfections that make me who I am. Read more not me's over at the MckMama blog.

I'm NOT writing this post on Sunday night because tomorrow and Tuesday are NOT supposed to be totally gorgeous and I do NOT fully intend to spend as much daylight outside after work as I can and then head to bed.

Cate is NOT getting 3 new teeth right now and handling them like a champ (even if she is a little extra fussy, she's still sleeping at night).

I already blogged about it a few times, so of course you know that I did NOT get a new camera this week. And I have NOT literally taken hundreds of photos as I've played around with it and learned what all it does. And I have NOT decided that only a handful of those photos turned out well. And that's totally NOT okay with me as I'm learning all about using natural light, ISO speed, etc.

Cate did NOT wear another one of my infant dresses to church this morning. It was so NOT another beautiful creation handmade by my grandmother (view other creations by her and worn by me as an infant here and here). I really am not sure why it's so yellow-y in this first picture though.

Cate also did NOT wear a beautiful spring coat and bonnet (also handmade by my grandma and previously worn by me) over her pretty dress. She did NOT get a ton of compliments for that either.
And since she was so girly for church this morning, I did NOT tap into my love of blue and how it brings out her eyes and dress her jeans and a blue shirt for the afternoon. If you didn't know any better you would so NOT think she was a boy. I did NOT make sure to call her by her name about once every minute at the grocery store tonight so that no one would mistakenly ask me "how old is he?".

Besides, blue is my favorite color.
I am NOT going to take a few hundred more pictures of Cate this week.

We did NOT revert back to giving Cate baby food veggies this week because she simply refuses to eat veggies of any kind (cooked, raw, etc.) with her fingers. Veggies are important and she does need to eat them.

My week was pretty boring...and I kind of like it that way: no drama for us.

~Melody :-)


Alexis said...

New cameras are fun! I liked blue on my girls too... I hated it that people always assumed blue meant "boy".

Blessed Mama said...

What a beautiful baby! People still ask me if my little one's a boy because she has no hair - even when I dress her in pink! Have a great day :)

The Palmer Family Blog said...

Love the pictures! My only veggie suggestion is Green Giant frozen packages of veggies with sauces. They are the only veggies Tessa will eat; she particularly likes the ones with teriyaki seasoning. Maybe Cate will too?