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Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

Here I go again. Time to confess all of those imperfections that make me who I am. Read more not me's over at the MckMama blog.

This week is more of a pictorial "Not Me Monday."

Cate did NOT turn 13 months old last week. And she is so NOT starting to look like a toddler as the 12 month size clothes grow ever smaller on her.
And even though we finished up the last of the breastmilk a few weeks ago, I did NOT find a 1 ounce vial hiding in the freezer last night and rather than waste what was once liquid gold, I did NOT thaw it out and mix it with some oatmeal for Cate's bedtime snack last night.

These were NOT waiting for me one night last week when I got home from a long day of teaching and parent/teacher conferences.
I do NOT have the best husband ever who likes to give me flowers for no reason.

This was NOT the view from our front porch on Saturday when it was NOT 78 degrees outside.
And I did NOT bike 34.5 miles on Saturday either.

We have NOT been enjoying the beautiful warm weather by taking as many walks as possible in both the wagon and the stroller.
Today I did NOT do two things I hate doing: let Cate drink a LOT of juice AND watch 15 minutes of TV in her exersaucer so I could get a few cotton-pickin' things done.

I did NOT document either of those things either. Who would self-incriminate like that?
Yeah, and that juice is so NOT in a bottle. We've moved onto sippy cups (except right before bed and apparently this one day of juice).
But dinner got made, things straightened up, and it's time to spend some more time playing on the floor with my juiced-up munchkin.

C'mon...what did you NOT do this week?

~Melody :-)

PS...I did NOT DVR several of U2's appearances on TV last week, buy their new album on the first day it came out, and am NOT making plans to go to one of their concerts in the fall. I'm NOT obsessed with them at all.


Wayne said...

great not me mondays and the pictures of the baby are so cute

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Flowers after a day of parent/teacher conferences...what a nice thing to do! :)

Melissa said...

You have a sweetieof a hubby...Cate is adorable.
My daughter is almost 2 and still has a nightly bottle! Oops did I just say that?

Cecily said...

Cate is really starting to turn into a full-fledged little girl. I can see that a number of her teeth have come in. Adorable!