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Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Birthday Fun: Part Three- The Big Party

Yesterday was Cate's big birthday party. It was mostly family and a few close family friends. But before the big party started, we took Cate to Portrait Innovations to have her picture taken in her dress from Bloomingdale's (thanks Jessie). She hammed it up with the camera and I wish I had hundreds of dollars to spend to buy each pose, but we picked the best one, bought a package (so we'd have pictures to hand out at her party), and the biggest print is already hanging in our living room (hence the poor quality below...it's a picture of a picture in a frame).
I'm big on tradition and my mom always made our birthday cakes...even the complicated ones (like my Rainbow Bright one). So of course, I had to make Cate's cake. I ended up making two since we were having so many people- one chocolate and one yellow. I think they turned out pretty well considering I'm not much of a cake decorator.
Cate certainly loved digging in.
And speaking of tradition....my grandmother (mom's mom) had cross-stitched birth announcements for all 5 of her grandchildren. Cate is the first great-grandchild and couldn't be left out of the tradition. Her birth announcement is beautiful! My grandmother had it framed and everything for us and it is now hanging above Cate's dresser in her room (we've been saving that spot for it).
Cate really cleaned up at her party too. Our family and friends are way too generous with her. She got some cute spring and summer outfits (sundresses, rompers, and my sister couldn't let a party go by without getting her something Polo- two shirts to be exact- I think she needs to take out stock in Ralph Lauren). She got some fun indoor toys (maracas, a cookie jar shape sorter, a phone that says her name, a little giraffe that prays with her) and some fun outdoor toys (a sand and water table, petite-size patio furniture, a big bubble wand, and a wagon). I'm looking forward to spring. We didn't put the patio furniture or the sand and water table together yet, but we did put together the wagon. Cate tried it out last night with Nemo (Eric's parents' dachshund). She loved it! We've also been wheeling her around the house in it this morning and are hoping to take advantage of the warm weather and get outside with it today.
Eric and I still can't believe that our baby is growing up. A year ago yesterday was our first night home from the hospital with her. Cate must have remembered what a rough night that was for her (she wanted to be held and thought it was daytime-- Eric and I took 1 hour shifts holding her while the other slept), because she woke up just before for this morning ready to play. Thankfully my husband is a champ and sat out in the living room with her for about 40 minutes until she started acting tired. He rocked his birthday princess back to sleep and she slept in until 8:30, we were almost late for church!

They really weren't kidding when they told us the time would fly by.

~Melody :-)

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