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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Cate loves to share. She is always picking up her toys or her food and trying to give them to us. She usually takes whatever she is sharing back within a minute or so, but it's the thought that counts, right? Anyway, last night she was hanging out in the kitchen, playing with some magnets, on the fridge, when she decided the cat/small dog door leading to our basement looked more interesting. She's noticed the door before too, so Eric and I didn't think much of it. She kept crawling from the fridge to the door and back again. We weren't paying her too much attention since we were both trying to get some stuff done and she seemed content.
She would squeal with delight each time she got to the cat/small dog door. Later on last night, as I was heading down the basement stairs to do laundry, this was what greeted me on the landing on the other side of the door: Apparently she was trying to share with her pets.

Today the weather did not get as cold as the weatherman predicted. We decided to enjoy some bubbles in the backyard before and after going on our walk. The bubble wand Cate got for her birthday is a hit. Thanks Aunt B, Uncle Rob, Jenn, and Steve! Check out the second shot!
Oh yeah, Zoey likes to chase the bubbles too.
I will have you know that I did ZERO photo enhancing/editing/etc. to this photo above. I love the way the color is captured in the bubble. I think the only thing that would have made it a better picture would be Cate looking at me and smiling instead of staring off towards the dog chasing bubbles.

Anyway, the weather is supposed to get cold for real tomorrow. It's inspired me to do some of this:
I learned how to knit a couple of years ago and successfully made two halfway decent looking scarves. Life clearly got a little busy once Cate arrived, but I did manage to start this scarf in the months before she was born. I added a few more rows last night. Man, did I forget how relaxing knitting can be. I think I'll try something a little bit more challenging than a scarf (but still beginner friendly) once I finish this one.

~Melody :-)

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